Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Lurve Scene

If you’d asked me a year ago my thoughts on writing and reading sex, I would have blushed. Yup. A full blown crimson beamer. It’s amazing how much can change in a year.

Back then, I’d have to reach for the Glenfiddich to help me get through it. Seriously. I was embarrassed to write sex. I worried about who was going to read it, dreaded the readers would think that’s what I was into.  

Thankfully, after some great advice from a writerly friend and a good few saucy books later, I can laugh at myself. At the end of the day, it’s my characters getting down and dirty—not me. I shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed when writing sex or reading about it, and I don't think anyone else should.

Another thing I’ve learned after a couple of Hmmms from the CPs, you can’t really take a sex scene out of one story and dump another two characters into it. Why? Well what works for one couple probably won’t work for another. 

Random scenes pop into my head often, and last week a BDSM type love scene wiggled its way into my thoughts. I wrote it down immediately, wondering who the characters were and where I could use it. Truth is, I can’t use it anywhere at the moment because it won’t fit with the stories I’m writing. It’s getting saved for a rainy day, or maybe to be used as inspiration for a future BDSM type story. I’m thrilled to say I’m not even a little bit fazed to write one now. Imagine what I’ll be up for writing next year. I can’t wait.

What about you, are there things that make you squirm in your seat when you read, or write?




  1. Hey Aimee! Great post! I agree, when i first started to read about sex I blushed! And when it came to writing it, it was like, Woahhhh! I can't do this! No one apart from my CP has read those scenes, and she liked them (i think? lol) so I don't know what everyone else's reactions would be like. But I like to think I'm becoming more confident with my writing in 'that' department.
    Things I don't like to read are really really nasty words like the see you next tuesday word....can't really bear it at all! Anything else is ok, just not that particular word!
    :-) xx

    1. Hey Samantha!

      I tend to sway toward sensual love scenes than erotica, but definitely prefer reading the latter. I'm sure yours are good and it takes time to get over the aversion, but just remember, it's your characters who are getting down, not you :)

      Oh, what's "see you next Tuesday"? Now I'm curious


  2. Great post, hot mama. I know what you mean about writing sex scenes. It doesn't really make me blush, but I know that one day, it's probably going to get me into trouble. If I ever get famous, one of my boyfriends will go to the press and be like, "Hey, we did page #35!"

    Also, do you ever worry about your future hubby and what he might think? I've been lucky to have some talented lovers. But what happens if that man I fall in love with sucks? I think I could get over it/help him along, but what if he reads my books and it intimidates him??? Bahhhhhhhh

    1. Hey hotter mama!
      Lol, I make sure to keep my scenes fictional so now bad ass boyfriends could ever put me in that situation ;) You do know when Confessions of a Sex Demon comes out I'm going straight to page 35 right? hehe.

      I don't think I could fall in love with someone who sucks in the sack :D If I did, I wouldn't let him read though. I think that would be like confessing a private fantasy or something!

    2. Page 35? Child, the whole book is sex! Tee-hee. Fortunately, since I write paranormal I could probably deny most accusations ex boyfriends toss at me ;) IE, no specific locations could be textually reenacted. Mwa-ha-ha.

      I do wonder about married folks though, like, do dudes feel shy? Like their secrets with their woman are being made public? Maybe I'll just become an old spinster lady and never find out. LOL

    3. Bahahaha! And that's why you gotta lemme know when its ready to preordr!

      Yeah, I'll be a spinster with you. We'll get cat's and go to Vegas to watch strippers :D

  3. Hey Aimee!

    I had to laugh reading this. You had me pondering the first few love scenes I'd ever written. Yup, I blushed. I hadn't a clue. I think I stopped blushing when my first book came out. My grandmother and my aunts all read it. In fact, my great aunt said it made her blush. lol Nowadays, it's just another part of a romance to me.

    Oh, and I agree--Although I've never cut a love scene from a book, each one is unique to the characters. I also would never use actual experience, though. Though, now that you guys mentioned it, I'm going to be reading my next book wondering how much of that was personal. hehe.

    Great article!

    1. My eighty year old grandparents wanna read my book and I'm like erm, no. Still, they are adamant. Thank God they don't have Kindles! You're brave letting your family read it. I don't mind my parents, me and my mum talk about worse, but grandparents...that's a bit too far for me. I'd never be able to look 'em in the eye again lol.

      I'm reading one of yours at the moment Joanne! Now you have me wondering lol.

  4. Great post Aimee - I used to be worried my work might be too saucy for public view but then began to read some very juicy stuff and quickly changed my mind...
    I'd let my gran read my work - I think she is a minx deep down, but she always refuses.
    By the way - spell out 'see you next tuesday' in text speak and you'll get the word ;) x x

    1. OMG I'm so slooowwww! Yes, I get see you next tuesday now! Divvy!

      My wee granny's from Fife, and very proper. No minx I don't think! lol.

      Tabitha! I love your erotica stuff. Its HAWT and your stories are amazing. I've been pimping lol xx

  5. What a fun topic. I love writing love scenes but even I thought I'd gone too far in my new release Caution: Filling is Hot. I completely rewrote it because it pushed the limits of my sensual rating. Think competitive sixty-nine with no holds barred, who's going to hold out the longest? Loved it but . . . no. Still, great food for thought, so to speak. Wink.

    1. I love that idea too! You're right though, you should only write what you're comfortable with. I wasn't comfy with heavy petting when I started out, now I can write a full scene as long as I keep in the characters' heads as much as possible :o)