Monday, April 2, 2012

The 'In' Books

I've always been a reader. I love getting lost in a book and forgetting everything else around me. I was a book blogger for a few years before I decided to take my writing more seriously. Being a book blogger, it opened me up to authors I never would've found on a Walmart bookshelf. It was then I discovered how big the ebook world could be. Now I see as a reader and author, I know how big the ebook world is.

Until recently, the 'in' books everyone is reading have been a paperback/hardcover. Everyone read Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. Of course these books have also been popular in ebook format also.

Well, one of the latest books that is all the rage started as an ebook and is of a genre that before now had always been a closed door discussion. Yes, I am talking about, Fifty Shades of Grey. Sure you can get this as a paperback, but its mainly popular as an ebook. Which for authors like myself, that means we just might get some more exposure, as readers who didn't know this erotic world existed, now do. Readers out there are hopefully discovering all the epublishers and wonderful authors out there, that like I said they aren't going to find on the grocery store shelves.

Over the weekend, I started the 'in' book, Fifty Shades of Grey. I have been sitting back watching reviews and other blogs discussions. The controversy finally took a hold of me and I had to start it. This is a very long book and I am not even half way done yet. So, it hasn't been one of those that grabbed me and made me want to read it until I finish. But, I am enjoying the story. I am curious where this story is gong to go. I think I am at the point where readers are like 'wow'. I do plan to finish this book and maybe next Monday I can report fully on how I liked it.

So far, my only issue with this book, that is introducing many people to the ebook world, is all the grammatical issues. The book could use a good editor to go through and clean it up and I think it would make the story much better. But, I'm trying to look past that and enjoy the story for what it is.

Have you read the current 'in' book?

See ya next Monday.


  1. Hi Lacey - great post! I have so many books to read that I've already bought, this will be a book for me probably in a few years time! I'm so slow!
    Can't wait to hear what you think though x x

  2. Hi Lacey. I checked out the reviews of this book on Amazon. They were so diverse I decided to download the free sample of the first two chapters. I'm glad I did. It wasn't bad but it sure didn't make me want to read on. I think the slow introduction of erotic elements might appeal to first-time erotica readers.