Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Quickie

This is going to be a quickie, ladies and gents - oh yeah!

You see, it's a beautiful morning and my writing room is out at the sunny end of the garden - but, my internet connection is at the indoor, shadowy end... so - unless I was smart enough to schedule a blog or write it in Word and upload it later (which I'm not) - I'll have to be quick to get out there.

This doesn't mean I won't treat you to the full ramblings of my brain - no, not at all! It just means, I may not edit it quite so carefully... - which leads me on to the theme - a quickie! When I'm writing a saucy scene (which happens usually about once a chapter, and I try to write a chapter a session) - I can always tell if it's going to be a good un or not, depending on how many errors on the spell and grammar check there are.

If it is mistake free and Word is not chastising me all over the place with its red and green squiggles, I know I have not been taken over by my own imagination. I know I have been over thinking and taking too much care with my editing.

However, if there are searing red slashes and bits of words here and there with no coherent structure and utter editing chaos - I know it's going to be hot! I know my poor keyboard has had to keep up with my visual brain and whatever it throws out. When this happens, with erotic writing, or a love scene, I love to go back and iron out the nonsense, making it readable and understandable.

And so, as I look out the window to the clouds now forming over my writing shed, I must make a mad dash out there...

What makes you go too fast for yourself?

See you next week
T x x x


  1. Yes, those pesky red and green lines. It seems the only way to make them to go away is to fix them. But can't word just do that on its own?

    1. Thanks Lacey - I'm a bit strange - I like to go back and fix them. It's funny some of the things you type in the heat of the moment! x