Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting in the mood

Okay, mind out of the gutter here.
I'm going to talk about how I get in the mood to write. My goodness.
Recently I had to change the time of day I do most of my writing. I tend to write when my husband is at work or sleeping, and he works midnight to eight in the morning now. So I've been forced to rearrange my hours.
It hasn't been easy.
So how do I get in the mood to write when all I feel like doing is sleeping?
Simple. I log off the internet and open a document and start writing.(Okay, it's not simple.) I usually have to reread and edit a few pages already written before moving on to new stuff, but I always move on to new writing. Right now I have no set page or word count, though. I try to write at  least five hundred words a night and have a clear idea how the scene will be. Most nights I look up and it's four o'clock, and I've only written a few pages. Other nights I've gotten way more finished. I love when that happens.
But what really gets me really on a writing binge is having a clear-cut deadline.
Pressure is a good thing sometimes.
So how do you write?

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  1. I write when the kids are at school. Though, sometimes the mood will strike when they are running around.