Monday, March 26, 2012

Better writer if you use your real name?

Recently, I have read a few posts online about authors who use pen names. I want to first say, I'm not going to name any names on who said what, but to just chat about this.

Well, the topic on most of the posts is that authors who use pen names don't produce as good quality of work as those authors who use their real name.

See, I told you, kinda controversal, and that's why I don't want to call anyone out.

I can raise my hand and proudly tell you I use a pen name. And I don't think if I wrote under my real name, would it make a difference in the books I present to you. I use a pen name for the safety of my family. Have you read Tamaria Soana's newest book, Obsession? You just never know who is behind that avatar. Sure, I'm not one of those famous authors, but still, you just never know. When I first started writing, I always knew I would have a pen name. I thought it was what most authors do. However, there are some who use their real names, and that's fine.  The question is, why does that make them a better writer then me?

The article tried to claim that if writers use their real name, its their name on the book, and they want to make sure it the absolute best it can be. Lacey is my name. Its another part of me and if I put something out their that says Lacey Wolfe on it, then I want to be proud of it. My editor and I word hard to get my books to their absolute best.

Now I want to know your opinion. Pen name vs. real name. Does it really make a difference in your writing?


  1. *Takes deep breath and counts to ten as slowly as I can* That is the most asinine thing I've ever heard.

    MANY authors use pen-names, in today's day and age it's smart(Yes, go read my book Obsession)

    Some of the most amazing authors are in the closet so to speak because of family (they wouldn't understand), political (AKA head of the PTO) or maybe religious reasons (works in the church) why they can't reveal who they are.

    To even dare to say that an author's writing would be better if they used their real name is preposterous. As you said our pen-name self is a deep part of us, we produce the best work we can and with each book we grow.

    I believe my writing would be the same if I pen under Tamaria Soana(which is NOT my legal name) or Mary Poppins.

    I write from the heart no matter what name is on the book. I have a teen series coming out, I'm using the pen-name Tara Len Walker ( not my real name), I will pour everything I am into these books as I do everything I write.

    God, I hope this made sense, my blood is just boiling at the moment.*takes another deep breath*

    To all you authors that use pen names don't let an article saying you should use your real name get you down, keep doing what you love to do.

  2. Thanks for this ladies! I use a pen name for personal reasons - and I use others too. It gives me freedom to be a better writer I think. When I've taken things along to my writers' groups in the past - everyone thinks I'm writing from experience! Good grief. I just want to write stories.

  3. I'm with you ladies. I use a pen name to write erotica. Part of the reason is because my husband and I run a business in a small, conservative town. We could easily lose customers if people associated me with erotic writing. The other reason is branding. I write erotica under my pen name and contemporary romance (not erotic) under my own name. To say the quality suffers when I use my pen name is just plain silly. 'Nuff said.

  4. I use a pen name for my erotic fiction because I have small kids, I substitute teach in our town and I'm on the PTO. I'm not ashamed of what I write but I find others are. lol

    Just because I use another name doesn't mean I don't put out my best work. It's still me and I still have to face the readers and my sales numbers.

    I also plan to pen a novel (series) under my real name someday and I wouldn't hide my Ella Jade persona. So, I can speak for me... I try to put out my best work always:)

  5. Yep, I agree with what's already been said. There are lots of valid reasons people use pen names, and using your real name does not result in a better book.