Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Do I Wait?

To write the sexy?

I'm in the process of finishing up a manuscript for a novella. The story is set, the characters established and the conflict resolved. You'd think I'd be in good shape. Except...

I saved the steamy scenes for last. Putting cute little *** and highlighting them in yellow so I'd know where to go back and insert (no pun intended) the sex.

 I'm reading through my ms and I've visualized just how hot it will be and then I get to the set up and NOTHING! This is what I see in my head...

Now I have to write it.

I don't mind writing erotic, but I seem to get caught up in the plot and my fingers want to type the dialogue first. I'm not saying I omit every sex scene and then go back later, but I do tend to get to the "meat of the potato" (Darrell Sheets - Storage Wars) before I get to the down and dirty stuff. It works for me, so I go with it.

Good news is, I only have two scenes left and the novella will be complete. So, I better stop surfing the net for all the pictures I've used in this post and get to it. Although I will say, now that I've had an "arousing" session looking for the pretty, I'm inspired to go write those scenes! I can definitely work with this image...



  1. Hot pictures. Maybe I need to write something hot!

  2. Oh yum! What stunning piccies Ella, thanks for sharing x x

    1. They seem to get my creative juices (ahem) flowing;)

  3. Hello, I'm now inspired to write something hot.

  4. Oh, Ella, thank you for the pix! My writing motor is now nicely reved.