Monday, February 20, 2012

Release Day! Kaylie Newell and Lacey Wolfe

Happy Release Day to Beachwalk Press authors Lacey Wolfe and Kaylie Newell. The books are available on Amazon, Nook, AllRomance, Bookstrand, and our wonderful publishers site

Today instead of giving the blurbs to the books, I thought it would be neat if we told why this book is special to us. First up, Kaylie Newell on her new book Falling In Danger.

I’m SO excited for the release of my new contemporary romantic suspense, Falling In Danger.  This book is special to me for many reasons.  I absolutely love the characters, the story is close to my heart, and 40% of the proceeds will go to The Pixie Project animal rescue.  All reasons why I’m in love with it!
But I didn’t always feel so close to this book. It was my problem child.  It was extremely hard to write, nothing came easy.  At one point I had to wipe away nearly half of the story and start over in the middle because it wasn’t going in the direction I had planned.  I struggled with it daily, belly aching endlessly to my critique partners.  “I’m worried it isn’t any good,” I’d say.  “It’s not coming together like I was hoping it would.”  But they, along with my other friends and family encouraged me to finish.  And eventually, I became determined to do just that.  Just like an unruly teenager, it gave me daily fits, but I loved it dearly anyway.  I believed in it.  I wanted to finish because I knew deep down that I wanted it to see the light of day.
When I look back on those seven months of writing, I feel like a proud mama.  I’m hoping this kid will go places.

And now Lacey Wolfe

Like Kaylie mentioned, More Than Useful was one that I had great difficulty with. As you will see in the dedication, I dedicated it to my dog Cocoa. Why? Without her support to go on many walks, I never would have finished this one. There were days I only wrote 500 words before getting frustrated and shutting down the computer. Now when I look back, I think it was so difficult because I had grown as a writer. In More Than Useful, I think its the first book where I really started to get into character. I had already edited two books with my great editor at Beachwalk. And I had learned. I had gotten feedback on my writing and knew it was time to learn some more. When I read the galley to this one, I actually got lost in my own book and knew I needed to go back and double check what I wrote. I hope that if you've followed me along my journey, that you enjoy my latest.


  1. Big huge massive congratulations on the double release ladies! What lovely stories about the writing of them too x x x

  2. Congratulations to both of you and good vibes for lots of sales. These look like great additions to Beachwalk's list of excellent reads.