Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So what's my excuse this time?

Tomorrow's the big day everyone.
Go and check out the beginning of Patricia Bates' round robin read at her website.
She'll post the link to the next At the Beach story on her blog.

This is your chance to get to read some new and unfamiliar writers. You may just find one or two you want to add to your list of possible favorites. I'm looking forward to reading all the stories. I can't wait to find out what these talented ladies have come up with. I'm going to find the time to read all of them. There only up to 500 words long.

Yet -- why I have no time, I have no clue.
I'm not working outside the home right now and I don't have any children, so I should have all kinds of time in the world. I do have a sick cat and a husband, however.
A pain-in-the-butt, constantly complaining one.
Is there such a thing as male menopause?
If there is, my guy is in the middle of it.
But that's still no reason to not be able to post a simple blog once a week.
So what's my excuse?
Maybe it's because that menopausal man, cat, and I just recently moved from our RV into an apartment and are still trying to get everything set up.
Or maybe it's because I started working as an editor for another one of my publishers, or that I just started an edits on an April release for that company.
Or maybe it's because I had to finish The Dressmaker's Dilemma.
Or maybe it's because I'm trying to finish the third book in another series.
Or maybe--

Okay, I have no real excuse. My life isn't any more intense or involved than other other writers, so I guess I'm just too lazy to write one.

No, that's not it.

To be truthful, I think I simply just forget.

A nurse find of mind calls it Old Timer's Disease.

Or easily distracted.

Yeah, that's it.

For your pleasure, here's a picture of Wyatt, my hero in The Dressmaker's Dilemma.

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  1. I don't think there is ever enough time for all the writing that we would like to be doing