Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year...New Goals

Its that time that we are all thinking about goals and resolutions. All the things we say we want to get better at and we do for about a month and then we slip back into our usual ways and say, maybe next year. So, I'm not pledging to get that pesky 10 pounds off. I've been trying for about two years. Each time I lose 5 of it, I get excited then I go back to my ways and I gain it back. Maybe next time. ;o)

But, this year I'm starting January 1st as an author. I'm no longer just a mom and housewife. So I thought, maybe I need some goals for the year. Things I want to improve on.

1. Quit checking my dang amazon rank so much. I must admit, I've gotten better with the release to Fool Me Once. When Amber's Muse released, I checked it hourly almost. I try to limit myself to once a day now, but I sometimes find myself there twice. I want to eliminate that need. I'm an author, not a rank watcher. At that, I'm a brand new author. I need to be concentrating on my writing, not that pesky number.

2. And since we are talking about amazon ranks, I'm no longer going to check other books to see where they are compared to mine. I find I get unwanted feelings each time I do it, so I'm stopping. Perhaps amazon should just get rid of that crazy number.

3. Promote my fellow authors more. I try to be my best at this, but sometimes a day goes by and I releaize I haven't shared the love. So, I'm making a point to do this more! Especially on my facebook page. I often use it only for myself.

4. And lastly, work on my word count. I write novellas mainly. They are typically 18,000-20,000. I set out to write a full-length recently for a new series, and I only got to 30,000 before it was over. But, that was an improvement. I already have a higher word count goal on book 3 in the Hot Bods series.

So, here is to 2012. It will be here once I open my eyes tomorrow morning. I wish you the absolute best year at achieving your goals. Happy New Year!

See ya next Monday!


  1. Lovely goals, Lacey. And, I'll do my best to help keep you on track. lol

    Good luck in the new year! I know you'll do great!

  2. Happy New Year Lacey and Ella! I think you do an amazing and inspiring job of promoting yourself and fellow authors - thank you - good luck with the longer works x x