Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Taboo

Hello all and happy Thursday!

I'm Tamaria Soana a new author of Beachwalk Press. My romance/suspense story Obsession will be releasing March 19th! I'll be sharing posting here on Thursday's will the lovely Ella Jade.


The gifts have been opened, the carol have been sung, the food has all been eaten, and we have spent time with family and friends.

Oh the holidays, don't you love them? All the hustle and bustle going from aunt's to grandparents houses.
My mother always said, "It's not Christmas until someone cries." This does seem to always happen.  

Today I want to discuss the aftermath of the holidays! Some call this a Christmas taboo!

  To re-gift or not to re-gift?

Remember the good old days when you could take anything back to Walmart without a reciept and they would give you store credit without blinking an eye. Now they want twelve forms of ID and your fingerprints.

So what do you do when when Uncle Tom buys you a singing fish, or when Aunt Marge buys you a mini doughnut maker?

You donate them or throw them out!!!

But, when you get a pair of ugly earnings,  a horrible smelling candle,  an ugly scarf, or bath and body stuff you will never use... you re-gift... right?

Is re-gifting really that bad? I personally believe it's better for the environment to recycle! 

Here is a re-gifting tip: You need to be careful that you DON'T re-gift in the same circle of friends and family you received the gift in, because that could be awkward.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year! See you in two weeks!



  1. Great post! I'm still a walmart returner. But I have regifted things to people only if I think its something they would want.

  2. Welcome Tamaria and congrats on your upcoming release:)

    I try to give a gift receipt with everything I give. I have a few family members who have to problem calling me and telling me they can't use the gift I bought and they want to return it. Fa la la la laaa la laaa la laaa

  3. Lacey and Ella thanks for reading and commenting! I try to give gift receipts also... and I do try and be thoughtful about re-gifting, trying to fit the right person with the right gift can be tricky at times!

    LOL... *sings* It's the 2nd day after Christmas and my family gave to me... a bunch of gifts to return...

  4. Hi, Tamaria. Good to see you here at the blog!

    I would love to have a mini doughnut maker, so if you got one of those, feel free to re-gift that to me :)

  5. LOL... Yes I do have a mini-doughnut maker, and Pamela you can have it.