Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From Way Back in 2008

I couldn't think of anything to write about, so I thought I'd rehash an old post I'd written in 2008. Mike and I were living in Texas, near San Antonio at the time, in a RV.
Recently we gave the RV back to the bank, and I'm not missing it at all.
We're moving into an apartment on Friday. It shouldn't be too bad because the biggest thing we own is a dorm-like frig.
Hey, it's not the first time we had to start over again.
Life is never boring.
(Oh, the post is exactly the way I wrote it back in the winter of 2008. Bad writing and all.)

Looking Out My RV Window
Guadalupe River RV Park and Campground sits on the curve of Spring Branch Road, in Spring Branch, Texas. While looking out my window, I can clearly see the road flowing into the mountain. A white-washed bridge leading seven or so miles away to 281, leading to the bigger cities, leading eventually to San Antonio.
San Antonio--The Alamo--RiverWalk--Lackland Air Force Base.
Lackland Air Force Base?
You see this hasn't been my first visit to Texas.
In the late 1970s to early 1980s, I decided to serve my country by joining the Air Force. Lackland Air Force Base was where I spend my basic training. I still remember it fondly, sort of. It feels strange being here again, so many years later. I first spotted the sign when we drove through the town two months ago, and I so wanted to visit the base once again. Yet I doubt I'd ever be allow to see it.
The unit I was attached to was bivouacked in the very last roll of buildings on the base. When we stepped out of our barracks, we looked right at a main road leading to freedom. I'm not sure what the name of that road was (I'm still not sure), but I do know it was a hard thing to see during those long weeks. My company used to get to stand outside, smoking, near the fence line. We used to joke about jumping over the fence.
But none of us would have ever done it.
I'd met some good friends then, friends I'm sorry to say I'm long lost sight of. Yet being here, in San Antonio again, brings back all those good--and some bad--memories. I remember two good friends and I spent the day at the Alamo together a few days before graduating basic training. We called ourselves "The Three Musketeers." Recently, in Maryland, two other friends and I started to call ourselves "The Three Scooters." I don't plan on losing touch with these newer friends like I did with my older ones. Dawn and Kat, I miss you.
I'd never change my first time in San Antonio for anything.
And I'll never forget my time in Maryland.
Mike and I are going to see the Alamo tomorrow.
Sad thing is I did lose touch with the other 'Scooters'. We kept in touch for a few years, and I even visit with Kat one year. We traveled through Maryland to get back to Georgia one fall.
But I've never forgotten them -- or my time working at the Yogi Bear in Maryland.
Or my visit to the Alamo.

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