Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A strange incident

Because this is October, I thought I'd post about a couple of strange things that happened to me years ago.
Way back in time, when I used to live in Ohio with my husband and cat, this not-so-scary thing happened.
His name was Dipstick. (The cat, not my husband. Even though sometimes...) My husband picked out the name not because the cat was stupid but because he walked around with a little curve at the tip of his tail like a dipstick. My husband was his favorite human, yet he did tolerate me at times. Especially dinner time -- and at night. He loved sleeping in the bed cradled next to the small of my back. I liked having him there. That cat was a good pick-me-up when I was feeling down. He tolerated me at those times, letting me hug him until I felt better.
One night, after I'd turned off the light and settled on my side, I felt him jump up on the bed, walk toward me and settled down. I could feel the slight pressure of his body against me. But, to my amazement, when I reached behind me to pet him, I touched only air.
Yet I could still feel him pressed against my back for a few seconds.
Then the feeling disappeared.
Next Wednesday, I have an even stranger ghost story for you.
So what about you? Do you believe in ghosts?


  1. Spooky! I love October. Thanks for sharing;)

  2. Eeek, I got chills! We had a spooky psychic snake once...

  3. That is a crazy story. I have one somewhat similar...well not really. One of our cats disappeared. She was older and we assumed she just ran off to die. For 2 months I kept dreaming she was alive and everyone thought I was crazy. Then she just kinda turned back up, skin and bones. I assumed someone above was letting me know she was alive.