Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scared to be Scared

So this week, as some of you may have noticed, is all about the spooks and ghouls!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am particularly pathetic when it comes to being scared. I am the one who watched ET from behind the sofa. At a sleepover before high school, I squealed along with a bunch of girls to John Carpernter's Halloween. Not only did it put me off horror movies, but sleep overs gave me the fear too. What a film.

So I really can't imagine how I got into writing paranormal stories... truly I don't know. I would probably just die of fright if anything even remotely spooky happened to me like the things my poor characters have to suffer. Romance, yes, I can understand romance - who doesn't love a romance - but a ghost story? Yikes.

So instead of cosying up next to the fire with a bucket of popcorn and a chick flick this weekend, I am joining in the Haunting Halloween Blog Fest on Sunday. You'll recognise my posts by being the ones written in shaky writing from behind the sofa...

But then again, it is the time for pumpkin carving - I live in the UK and when we were kids, we used to carve turnips - can you imagine? It took about four days and a wrist splint - and you blunted all your mother's good knives... Hooray for pumpkins!

What vegetables did you used to carve?

Happy Halloween!  

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