Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!

Promotion. Its something on any authors mind. As a new author, its been on my mind a lot. Am I doing it right? Am I missing something? Even worse, am I annoying people with my promotion?

I've read article after article and they all really say the same thing. Most of which I was doing. Blog, social networks, reviews, guest posts, and forums. I wasn't on forums, so I've been looking for a few. I joined a few over the weekend and I'm hoping to get active on them.

I realized something though. I have to get known. I can tweet all day to my same followers to buy my book, but chances are, if they haven't gotten it yet, they aren't going too. So, I decided to just get known more.

Luckily, I start a book tour tomorrow. For the whole month of November I have guest posts and interviews all over different blogs. Once the tours is over, it'll only be two weeks before Fool Me Once comes out. So, I'm hoping that will get publicity for that release also.

Its a learning experience, that's for sure. I'm really enjoying it.

What marketing tip can you share that has really worked for you?

See ya next Monday!


  1. Hi Lacey. Enjoyed your post. It sounds like you are using all the recommended internet strategies to spread the word about your book. You can also go the old-fashioned route and make up business cards and bookmarks. Leave them in bookshops and cafes in your town. Be sure they say "Local Author" on them and have a link to where your book can be purchased on the web. Good luck with your blog tour. I'll be checking back to see if anyone has other good marketing ideas.

  2. Great tips Lacey, I feel the same about promo - it feels like I spend more time updating everything that needs updating more than I do writing!
    I think you are extremely good at these things already -
    I do love to read authors' blog tours and will certainly be looking forward to yours - and sharing them!
    Good luck with it all and if I come up with something amazing, I'll be sure to let you know!

  3. Here's hoping your book tour is a huge success.