Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Damsel in Distress

I'm a sucker for a woman who needs a big, strong, sexy hero to save her. Well, at least in my romance novels anyway. I like to create a woman who can grow and emerge as the heroine. I was thinking about all of my main female characters, and I'm noticing a trend.  While each of them are unique and come from different backgrounds, they all start out in some sort of dilemma. I have D.I.D.S. (Damsel In Distress Syndrome - I totally made that up).

Now, just because my heroine is in distress doesn't mean she's weak. Usually it's quite the opposite. I think it's that whole, "That which doesn't kill you will make you stronger" thing. The situations and pasts I've set up for my leading ladies gives them the opportunity to grow and learn. And really, who doesn't love character growth and development?

I also think by writing women who need a little help in the rescuing department always leads me to create a hot, take-charge hero. So, most of the time, developing my D.I.D. allows me to write a smokin' hawt hero who always helps my girl realize her true potential.

It's all about the balance;)



  1. My thoughts are that most any woman really wants her man to be strong and take charge. We carry a lot of weight on out shoulders, and having that tough man sometimes makes things a little easier.

    My trend I' noticing with mine is that the women are B***hy. lol.

  2. I love strong heroines who don't take any ?hit from their heroes.

  3. Ahh, swoon, my hero! I love 'em. I fancy myself as as bit of D.I.D but the truth is, I'm too strong for my own good! x