Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Break

Its Monday! Oh goodness, it's Monday!

When I think back on last week, it feels almost like an entire summer vacation. The kids got out of school on the 30th of September and we packed up and headed to Grammy's for a few days. We returned home on Monday and then on Tuesday the husband's vacation started. The kids were on fall break. Now not only do kids get spring break, but where I live, they get a whole week in the fall too. So, until Today I had my entire little family home with me. The week was so much fun and lots of quality family time. That when I look back at the whole week, I can't believe it was only a week and we are back to Monday...AGAIN!

Life has almost returned to normal. My daughter is home today. Pre-k gets an extra day off, so its just us today. We are cleaning and doing laundry. Fun, huh?

I did however get about 1,100 words written last week. Yes, small number, but I was impressed I even got that written with how busy we were.

So, have you ever had a whole week off and when you looked back, it seemed like so much longer?

See ya next Monday!


  1. I know what you mean. My boys have a week off in November for NJ Teacher's Convention Week. Then Thanksgiving break and lets not forget December holidays. They're out more than they're in those two months. Or, so it seems. lol

    Good for you for getting some writing done:)

    Oh and they have off today for Columbus Day...a trip to Five Guys is in order;)

  2. At least you have a good excuse for not getting much writing done. I've never had any children, so I can't use that excuse.
    Is one husband who acts like a kid and a cat a good excuse?
    Didn't think so?
    Hope you had a good week.